What is AMP?  AMP is a GPO launched by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and focused on the plastic and reconstructive surgery industry. AMP is powered by Provista, one of the nation's largest group purchasing organizations with nearly $40 billion in annual purchasing power.

What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)? 
An entity created to help organizations in various markets leverage the purchasing power of a group to negotiate and obtain discounts from vendors, manufacturers and distributors.

Who is Provista? 
Based in Irving, Texas, Provista is a leading supply chain improvement company dedicated to strengthening the financial and operational performance of its 70,000 sites in the health care, education, hospitality and corporate markets. Together, Provista and its supply contracting company, Novation, leverage close to $40 billion in annual purchases to provide members with the most competitive, extensive portfolio of products, services and solutions available. Provista is owned by VHA, Inc.

Who is Novation? 
Novation is the contracting arm of Provista. As the health care industry's largest supply chain contracting company, Novation serves the purchasing needs of nearly 25,000 VHA and UHC member organizations and 70,000 Provista sites. Novation delivers unmatched supply savings and value through its contract, price management and expenditure management services. Through its affiliation with VHA, UHC and Provista, Novation represents the largest purchasing volume in the industry.

What are the benefits of AMP? 
Because AMP represents many facilities, it is able to offer economies of scale to the members that it serves. By aggregating the purchasing power of many organizations, AMP helps balance the negotiating equation between purchasers and vendors. AMP produces substantial savings by removing costs from across sales and supply chains, not by simply contracting for the cheapest products. AMP members receive financial benefits through up-front pricing discounts, distributor discounts and reduced administrative costs.

What's the difference between AMP and the other GPOs out there? 
Most GPOs are focused on hospitals. Because AMP was formed as an affiliate of ASPS, the largest specialty society representing plastic surgeons, AMP is dedicated to plastic surgery practices. By using the buying power of ASPS members and focusing our purchasing on very specialized and service-oriented vendors, we are able to negotiate superior pricing and terms on both the most common, and specialty specific products and supplies AMP members require.

Which distributors work with AMP? 
Many major medical supply distributors have access to the contracted pricing available to AMP members. The distributors authorized to offer AMP contract pricing include: Cardinal, Henry Schein, McKesson, Physicians Sales and Service, and National Distribution and Contracting (a network of approximately 60 regional distributors).

Who is eligible to join the program? 
Almost any plastic surgery facility is eligible to participate. To gain the full benefit of participating in the AMP program, members should utilize AMP contracted vendors and its preferred distributor when purchasing products and services for their practice.

What is the cost to me to be an AMP member? 
Unlike other group purchasing organizations, AMP does not charge a membership fee, there is no cost to join and members begin accessing the powerful competitive advantage of AMP's contracts almost immediately.

How much will I save? 
AMP participants can expect average savings, on contracted items, between 10 and 15 percent. Savings could reach 25 or 30 percent on some of the most commonly purchased products. This includes more typical products like pharmaceuticals, gauze, sutures and latex gloves. Additional savings will be available for everything from copiers, paper, and other office supplies, to medical equipment, phones, shipping, and other office management services. Members can also look forward to deals on anything from mobile phone service to contractors for office renovation and even marketing.

Is there a time commitment? How long is my membership good for? 
There is no time commitment, your membership in AMP will continue until you stop purchasing through the program. You can decide to start purchasing through the program again at anytime.

What is included in the AMP contract portfolio? 
AMP contracts extend to many of the products, services and equipment necessary to run your practice. Contracted suppliers offer products that cover a wide array of both clinical and practice management needs, including: medical/surgical supplies; office equipment from copiers and computers to phones and staplers; medical equipment, office furniture and components from chairs and floor coverings to desks and lighting; general office supplies; phone and wireless services; shipping; pharmaceutical products and much more.

If I become a member, do I have to buy all my supplies and equipment from the AMP contracted vendors? 
Another unique feature of AMP is that we do not require minimum purchase commitments from our members. We believe that the pricing and service levels provided by our contracted suppliers and vendors will drive AMP members to utilize the relationships AMP has built.

Do the suppliers charge me more by going through AMP instead of direct from them? 
You will actually pay less than purchasing on your own from a suppler. Since AMP is able to leverage the purchasing power of all of our members, suppliers see value in partnering with us to offer our members a lower price. In addition, AMP is taking aggressive measures to help members reduce overall supply expenses and ensure that the value received from contracts remains best-in-class.

What if a supplier I currently use is not on your list of contracted suppliers? 
There is no requirement that you switch any current vendor you use. Suppliers with AMP contracts participate in a bid/proposal process that includes numerous components that incorporate questionnaires, price sheets, product evaluations (as needed) and additional negotiations. Suppliers are awarded a contract based on several factors that include, but are not limited to: product acceptability, breadth of product line, ability to distribute product nationwide, pricing, price protection, payment terms and freight terms. Therefore, not all suppliers are awarded contracts. If your current supplier is not listed, it likely means they did not receive a contract award because of pricing or an inability to distribute nationwide. A second reason a supplier may not have a contract with AMP is the product category they serve is not included in the current contract cycle. If you have a trusted supplier you would like to request inclusion in the contracting cycle, please complete the Suggested Supplier Form available on the AMP website.

Who decides which supplier is awarded a contract? 
Our process includes extensive input from our members through their participation in advisory groups. The advisory groups are separated by major categories we contract for like medical, surgical and services. Adhoc groups will be assembled as necessary to ensure the contract process remains fair and effective for our members.

How do I know what discounts with which companies are available to my organization? 
Once your membership has been processed, you will have access to the AMP professional staff to assist you with your purchases and any questions you may have. The members section of the AMP website is scheduled to launch in late 2012, giving members and prospective members full access to AMP's entire portfolio of contracted vendors and product pricing. Products ordered through a distributor will automatically be revised to the lower contract pricing.

Does AMP guarantee its Vendors and Suppliers have the lowest price for all items? 
No, but we believe the vast majority of the items offered by its suppliers and vendors are priced substantially below the rate at which small and large plastic surgery practices and surgery centers can negotiate. While individual sites can sometimes negotiate a "one off" price below the AMP rate, overall the pricing is going to be significantly better. Plus, members save the staff time and hassle of negotiating individual contracts on an ongoing basis.

What do I do if the goods and services I need are not available from a supplier or vendor? 
Members have no restriction and full discretion from whom they purchase goods and services. AMP requests members inform it of purchasing needs that are not being met by the network so it may contract for those goods, or services, for its members' benefit.

If AMP doesn't charge a membership fee, how do you make money? 
There is no cost to join AMP and membership participation is completely voluntary. AMP relies on fees paid by vendors to finance the services we provide to our members.

How do I enroll? 
Complete the AMP Application Form located under "Sign Up." Once the enrollment process is complete, you will be provided with an member identification number (MID) which is an identification number specific to your facility that helps vendors link your account to our discounted pricing.